Left-wing Lyricist

I found a Prestige Class in one of the old Dragon Magazines for my Bard that should be a lot of fun to role play (I hope it is not off limits, Mr. DM). It is the “Left-wing Lyricist”.

At 1st level of the prestige class he (or she) gains a Weapon Specialization with the Lute (favored weapon).

At 3rd level, the Left-wing Lyricist gains the supernatural ability “Lute the Rich”. This ability allows the Bard to play the lute, and anyone with money is compelled, against their will, to give their money to the poor characters and any wandering monsters that might happen to enter the town or village illegally.

At 5th level, the Lyricist gains the special ability “Democratic Drums”. By playing a set of drums or bongos, the Bard can cause any Cleric or Paladin (or other healers) within 100’ to provide free healing to anyone in need. Anyone with money must pay the healer twice the normal rate and wait until everyone else is healed. Any money given to the healer is collected by the Bard, and subsequently given to the wandering monsters.

At 7th level, the Left-wing Lyricist gains the extraordinary ability “Secular Singer”. This allows the Bard to summon an unintelligent crowd and put them in a frenzied state. Within 1d4 rounds, the crowd will destroy all churches, temples or shrines within 240’. This ability also makes it impossible to worship a Deity in the Bard’s vicinity. At 9th level this ability increases to allow the Bard to remove a Deity’s name from all monetary instruments.

At 10th level, the Left-wing Lyricist completes his transformation into a creature of the planes. They no longer need to make saving throws, or “save”, period. The DM must now support the Bard financially for the rest of the campaign, and provide free healing. If the DM has no money, he must print more or tax the other players.

This will be a fantasy dream for me to be able to role-play this character… cause in real life, this could never happen!

Left-wing Lyricist

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